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Teaching Philosophy

His teaching style can be described as disciplined, encouraging and flexible, emphasizing development of a well-rounded musical education within the context of the instrument.

Particular attention is given to the steady development of necessary guitar-specific skills that form the basis of a healthy lifetime of playing. Skills are developed through appropriate choices of inspiring repertoire commensurate with a student's skill level. 

Music is meant to be shared, so lessons are geared towards preparing mentally and physically for public performance. Vivo Music offers two recitals annually, and Justin organizes an additional two recitals for added performance experience every year. 

Development of each student on an individual basis is key, and he commits to the learning styles best for each and every person. Justin instructs each student to learn the skills necessary to command the instrument, and he also wishes to open players' eyes to the full range of the guitar’s music, capabilities, and history.

Teaching Philosophy: Welcome
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