“Justin Sheppard is a uniquely gifted communicator, whose warmth, intelligence and professionalism shine in all his musical endeavours. He is a musician who commands the respect of his students, audiences and colleagues. Here is a wonderfully devoted teacher and charismatic performer, ready to make his mark!”

- Dr. Daniel Bolshoy, International Performing Artist, Professor of Guitar, University of Georgia 


“Justin Sheppard has an excellent grasp of the guitar and communicates this on both the stage and in the classroom. In performance he is able to create an inviting environment with his humorous yet professional demeanor, and he grasps the audience’s attention in performance with his skill on the instrument, where both his tone and musicality particularly stand out. As an educator, he is effective and structured and is able to create a very positive learning environment for his students. While this is all great, I think what really makes Justin stand out is that he makes it clear that everything he does is based on his enjoyment of the instrument and his drive to share that enjoyment with others, something that is far too uncommon.“

 - Jacob Johnson, Classical Guitarist, Doctor of Musical Arts Candidate


"Commitment to excellence is our top priority when we choose who to work with. Mr. Justin Sheppard is one of them. He leads each student, builds their confidence and applauds every step they achieve."

 - Vivian Tan, Joint Owner, Vivo Music and Arts Academy


"My son has always been interested in guitar from a young age. After good research for music schools we finally chose Vivo Music Academy and Mr. Justin as his instructor. We are so glad that we chose the best instructor for my kid. The level of patience Mr. Justin has and his ability to teach little kids at their level of comprehension is really appreciated. My son's interest in music is growing every day and he feels very comfortable asking questions and learning more from his instructor. Kudos to Mr. Justin.

 - Parent of a Guitar Student


"He teaches guitar with a smile. He is nice and patient."

- Emily, Student


“Justin is a highly skilled musician and teacher. He is flexible and encouraging. My son has made more progress the past 1 year than the year before with a previous music school. Obviously he has a long way to go, but with Justin’s encouragement I'm confident he will do well. I would highly recommend him for beginners to advanced students.”

- Tapaswini, Mother of Guitar Student 


“I met Justin as a student at the University of Georgia in the Guitar Ensemble through the school of music and am so grateful to have learned about classical guitar through him and call him a friend! He has taught me nifty tricks to improve my playing, but more importantly, how to think beyond technique — Justin understands the value of evoking true music from the guitar, and anyone would be lucky to learn from him.”

- Mary Margaret, University Guitar Student